The Value

SP Gems Myanmar is penetrating and expanding Myanmar Gems market with great success focusing into various sectors of quality gems mining, quality gemstones cutting and production of high quality jewellery. Attempting to set its landmarks, it is planning to use effective means in expanding its market believing in individual’s performance to creation of its teams as good points to achieve its goal. No one can deny that Myanmar’s gems such as ruby, sapphire, spinel, peridots and other gem stones in different colours stand as top quality precious stones among well-known people and investors in the globe for over 800 years, no need to specially introduce in the world market. We, SP Gems, has noticed that great good point of what Myanmar’s gem stones are being recognized by the world market and believe that we have full responsibility to directly bring gems collectors from Myanmar’s gem tract to our customers across the world, using that point as a golden chance. Thus, our company is focusing on having more perfect meaning on Myanmar’s precious stones, carrying our from doing transparent gem mining based on fully reliable information and taking accountability and responsibility to participating ourselves in implementing long term projects of environmental conservation and CSR process including providing service of product design innovation, integrating the definition of fine jewellery and trying to make higher market value of consumers, as The Value Created in Myanmar by SP Gems. We put all our efforts to represent “The Value” brand collections to make you feel proudly and meaningfully while wearing them. We warmly invite you to enjoy the innovative creations of fine jewellery that “The Value” proceeds to present with genuine value and perfect meaning.

Mr. Aung Kyaw Zin, the head of The Value, was born on December 23 in 1979. He is especially interested in creating beautiful designs of gem stones. He is a talented gem stone designer. He got a degree in architecture in 2003, and has been dedicated as gem designer of SP Gems. He has childhood dream pf creating elegant gem stones of world standard. Now his dream has been realized and we are proud to showcase the natural beauty of Myanmar gems with in combination with his state-of-the-art creation and innovation.

Mining is a complex and intensive process that causes environmental and social change no matter where it occurs. We believe that most negative social and environmental impacts are avoidable if companies operate according to the best possible standards. Our vision is that the local miners in Mogok respects human rights and the aspirations of affected communities; provides safe, healthy and respectful workplaces; avoids or minimizes harm to the environment; and leaves positive legacies.

We carefully select and create sustainable custom-made and designer jewelry using only eco-friendly, ethically sourced, fair-trade and responsible materials and manufacturing sourced, fair-trade and responsible materials and manufacturing because conflict-free simply isn’t good enough.

Our jewels speak the language of luxury, one-of-a-kind creations that express a passion for gemstones that has endured for generations. We use only the Natural quality and ethical gemstones for jewelry creations and all of our designs are made with impeccable skill to the Highest standards.

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